Building a Moon base right now seems more like scientific exploration, but it may soon be a necessity. Why and how do we build it?

Note: Before I start, I want to put it out there that I’m not an expert on the subject. The content in the article is based on things I’ve read and articulated about. So, if there’s any mistake in facts or science, I apologise and I request that you leave a comment on the correction.

We can all agree that with how things are going now, we are going to be homeless in a couple of centuries. By homeless I mean, without a planet.

We are literally sucking the planet dry.

But we haven’t crossed the point of no return…

VR and AR are two of the most exciting techs to look forward to in the coming decade. But where do we see them now and what can we hope to see in the future?

At some point in our lives, we probably would’ve watched a movie or TV show with the concept of Virtual Reality (VR); a character wearing a headset covering the eyes. Maybe even wondered how cool it would be to have our own VR headset like that and be immersed in the world created by computers (programmed by humans, but you get the point). I know…

Any civilization is ranked based on their energy consumption. On a scale of I to VI, where exactly does humanity stand and what does each level on the scale mean?

Credit: Kurzgesagt, YouTube

We humans have always felt proud about how far we’ve come as species and of all our achievements. Now we have come to the point where every advancement we achieve is based on energy or at least makes use of energy in one form or another. The Kardashev Scale makes use of precisely this (use of energy) to rank a civilization. The scale varies from I to VI, where VI…

Sir JC Bose (1900)

The first time I heard the name Jagdish Chandra Bose was in my school days in my biology class. As far as my memory takes me, it was just that he showed that plants could feel the same way as any other living beings. This was pretty much all I knew about him, just a small paragraph’s worth. I didn’t bother with it too much at the time since my exposure to things were insignificant. My friends who took up bio in their 11th and 12th tell me that they didn’t have it, or don’t remember it at all. Which…

Most of us may have come across the term “Astral Projection” either by reading, or in movies or even in TV series. We might have seen Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) doing it to continue his reading without interruption, or Josh Lambert (Patrick Wilson) from Insidious doing it to find a missing boy. Although the concept is similar in both, we see how differently the astral planes are portrayed. One where a lot of productivity is shown, whereas in the other, sinister beings exist. The concept is also seen in the massively popular show, “Stranger Things”. It can even be found…

The Sun is the closest star to us at about a distance of 150 million kilometres. Its energy is generated by nuclear fusion, from which high energy photons are produced. The interior layers of the Sun are the Core, the Radiative zone and the Convection zone, while the Photosphere, the Chromosphere and the Corona make up the Solar atmosphere.

Before we can talk about Space Weather, we need to understand about the Sun’s magnetic field. While the solar magnetic field is complicated, to simplify, we can say that like Earth, the Sun too has a north pole and a south…

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